Images of Berlin

a private collection of photographs shot in Berlin during the past five years
brought to you by tour guide and webdesigner Alexander Darda from Berlin
touristic hotspots
Berlin - eternal construction site
Berlin walls
along river Spree
further impressions
About this website is created to present some of my pictures which I shot during the last 4 years. Its not created to offer pictures for sale. If you think you´d like to use one of the pictures, please get in touch with me first. To protect my copyright, i have marked most of the pictures with a waterprint. Pictures that show works of art, like sculptures or street art, are not marked, because I think the artists work is much more ingenious than just a picture of it. Nevertheless i want to show some examples of the vast variety of public art in Berlin. The name of the artists are given when known. If any of the artists think their copyright is hurt by my pictures, please get in touch with me.
If any of the depicted persons doesn´t like to be shown here, please let me know.

Diese Website soll in erster Linie die Freunde Berlins ansprechen und enthält ausschliesslich eigene Bilder aus den letzten 4 Jahren. Sollten Sie Interesse an einer Verwertung eines der Bilder haben, setzen Sie sich bitte mit mir in Verbindung.
About me
I am a tour guide and web designer from Berlin, Germany. Photography is just a hobby for me, some of the pictures were even made during my tours. I try to capture those magic moments when a certain light shines on scenes or buildings and show their real beauty.

If you ever come here to Berlin, you may want to join one of my tours to see in real those places shown above .. in that case plese check

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